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Long Range Plans

Planning a split can be tough.

 Make it a little bit easier with these detailed long range plans for split classes from grade 3-6

 Inquiry 101

Grab this free mini course and get started with implementing inquiry in your classroom with tried and tested inquiry based teaching strategies.

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More About Me

Hi I'm Patti, I am the teacher-author behind Madly Learning. I have been teaching for 10 years and for the last 6 I have taught combined classes and have loved it. 

I hold Specialist Qualifications in Reading and English as a Second Language. I share lots here on the blog about my experiences in my classroom both the ups, downs and everything in between.

As a teacher I embrace the importance of differentiated instruction and student-centered inquiry especially for split grade classrooms.  

I also currently host a weekly live video on Facebook that supports teachers with using inquiry in their classroom. You can find me everywhere else on social media as @madlylearning.  

Let me help you reduce some of the overwhelm that comes with teaching as I help you to make it all fit together!!