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Building Communication Skills with your Students

Have you ever had a chatty class? Umm yeah!!ūüôĄ who doesn’t So I assume that because I have a chatty class that they we are going to have these great discussions when we sit down to learn. And then……nothing Nada, zip, zilch There is no talking when I ask a question. These kids who wouldn’t be quiet and took forever to get focused because they were so chatty are now all staring at me with blank faces….saying nothing. Here is…

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  • Literacy and Math

    Student Writing Survey Tutorial

    If you are conferencing with your students in writing then you need an easy way to track this data. ¬†I use google¬†forms with students to help me track their writing progress and track data. ¬†Students use this as a framework for self-assessment of their writing…

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  • Inquiry, Literacy and Math

    Planning for Inquiry Based Learning

      If you are getting started with inquiry you may wonder where to start and how to prepare for something that is student led. Although using an inquiry approach removes you, the teacher, from the absolute power position you, ¬†still have plenty to do to…

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  • Literacy

    Ignite Student’s Passion for Writing!!

    Writing is a challenge to teach. ¬†It is more than simply just teaching students how to write. ¬†There is an underlying challenge that can predict a student’s success and this is often dependent on the messaging that students tell themselves about their ability to write.…

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  • Literacy and Math

    No More Worksheets?

      So what is the deal with all this hatred to the worksheet? ¬†It was recently asked on a facebook forum if using worksheets in your classroom makes you the dreaded ‘old school teacher’. ¬†This sparked an interesting discussion amongst the teachers in the group…

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    Instagram in the Classroom

    I joined Instagram awhile ago but personally, or professionally didn’t quite know what to do with it. ¬†I posted a few pictures of my kids but wasn’t really sure how to use it. ¬†Fast forward and a few other blogger friends talked me into opening…

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    30 Days of Place Value

    Everyday for Bell Work in my 4/5 class, I use a mastering math sheet to review basic concepts and previously taught skills. ¬†The page is the same every day but the daily number changes. ¬†These also follow the three part lesson plan format that is…

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