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No More Split Grade Planning Stress

You just found out you are teaching a split grade class next year.  For most teachers the idea of teaching a split is overwhelming.  You have twice as many curriculum expectations or standards to teach and no more time to teach it within.  Sometimes you are lucky enough to get independent students.  However if you […]

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Teaching Independent Work skills

 Teaching students to work independently is a vital task for all teachers but especially for teachers of split grades. It is also one of the largest barriers that prevents teachers from using inquiry. So you may not like hearing it but almost all students are capable of working independently. There work needs to pass the […]

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7 Tips for Teaching a Split Grade Class

I love teaching a split grade class.  I know this may not be a popular opinion in teaching but there it is.  Reality is many of us teach split grade classrooms and although it has it’s challenges it also has some amazing benefits.  A Colleague from my school board wrote this last year about lovin […]

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