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6 Routines You Need For Inquiry

As we think ahead to back to school we begin to plan out the rules, routines that are essential to set us all up for success. But what routines are essential to teach at the beginning of the year that will set you up for success if you plan to use inquiry in your classroom. […]

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Flexible Seating

Have you heard if it? Well unless you have been under a rock how could you not see this as a wave that is slowly taking over Pinterest. Everywhere teachers are proclaiming they are using flexible seating. But without repurchasing brand new furniture for your classroom how can you dip your toe into this idea. […]

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Planning your Time Table

Well that is another year in the books. As I close the door on my 11th year teaching I look forward First to enjoying my summer Second to planning for next year! So recently I was asked what do I do to get ready for next year. I thought that this was a great question […]

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Getting ready to teach a split grade classroom.

Ok, don’t freak out!!Recently I was interviewed on the Bully Brave podcast and they asked me all about teaching from classroom management, to inquiry, to teaching a split. So what was my advice for teaching a split grade…. Don’t freak out! It’s true we talk ourselves into this overwhelm that a split grade is an […]

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Differentiating In Your Math Classroom

If you teach math then you know how complex it can be in today’s classroom.  With the variety of needs that exist in a classroom, you need a way to teach math without creating a crazy amount of work for you. In my classroom, this is a reality I deal with every day. In a […]

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