Helping teachers fit it all together

Exceptional Lessons

From using more inquiry to differentiating instruction, Madly Learning products and coaching support help teachers to be better teachers for their students. Lessons and materials that support high yield strategies each and every day without the stress and overwhelm of doing it all yourself from scratch.

Engaged Students

When students love what they are doing they learn and retain more. This is the goal of the lessons and materials Madly Learning makes. We harness inquiry-based teaching, differentiation, student voice and choice and universal design to engage students in every lesson, every day simply and easily.

Enjoy Teaching

Madly Learning products and supports are designed to help reduce your workload by planning out your long-term goals, creating comprehensive units and supporting you in fitting all of the many pieces of good teaching together simply and easily. Let us do the hard part so you can do the fun part - teaching.

Madly Learning creates resources and supports teachers to deliver exceptional lessons every day so you can meet the diverse needs of your students and have fun teaching. ​

As a teacher, you know the kind of teacher you want to be, but you don't see how you will make that happen with everything you need to do in a day. 

You feel stressed and overwhelmed with all you need to do each day.  You spend hours planning, prepping and marking each day only to do it all over again the next day.  This is time that you don't have .  


Have a Plan to Teach

Grab these FREE long-range plans to help you figure out how to fit everything you need to teach this year in a comprehensive plan.  


Find the Solution You Need

Buy a Madly Learning Resource to support good teaching while also saving you time. 

Teachers love. . .

Welcome! My name is Patti.

 I am a teacher in Ontario Canada.  I teach a 4/5 split grade class and very much enjoy teaching a split for the opportunities for differentiation.

My blog started a few years ago when I saw a lack of teacher blogs that reflected my needs as a Canadian teacher.  Since then, I have grown to blog about my experiences in my classroom and new pedagogies as I experience them.  Selling my resources on TPT was a natural progression for me after many requests for the materials that I was writing about.

At the same time, I have grown my family.  Our family is now complete with our three wonderful children.  I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my husband.  He has been very helpful and supportive of my endeavors! He is now an integral part of Madly Learning inc. by helping to support my efforts both here on my blog and on TPT.

Helping teachers fit it all together to save time through high-quality resources and teaching support.