My name is Patti.  I am a teacher in Ontario Canada.  I teach a 4/5 split grade class and very much enjoy teaching a split for the opportunities for differentiation. I started blogging years ago when I saw a lack of teacher blogs that reflected my needs as a Canadian teacher.  Since then I have grown to blog about my experiences in my classroom and new pedagogies as I experience them.  Selling my resources on TPT was a natural progression for me after many requests for the materials that I was writing about.

In the same time, I have grown my family.  My two little girls are my everything and in November 2016 we added to our happy little family with the addition of a little man.  Thankfully my husband has been very helpful and supportive of my endeavors and is now an integral part of Madly Learning inc. by helping to support my efforts both here on my blog and on TPT.