• Building a community of learners that trust one another

If your students don’t trust one another then they won’t talk and they won’t share with one another.

Building a safe place for students to share ideas requires two things. One they need to know you have their back and will protect them against the social repercussions of bullies. You need to set the tone for sharing ideas. Sometimes this starts out with easy things to share stuff that isn’t too personal. But when things come up or students cross the line you don’t need to name names but you need to make it clear this isn’t okay.

Help them by sharing their stories for them. With their permission. Highlight others awesomeness. Show them you notice when they are being good.

Hold classroom meetings and knowledge build circles daily so they get a chance to practice their ideas.

• Creating classroom rules that reinforce your leadership

Co creating rules is a good idea but it’s also okay to have rules that are non negotiable for you.

Keep your teacher happy

• Helping your students transition to this new type of learning

If this is a first then students and their parents need support with this transition. Keep everyone informed. Tell them what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Reinforce for students what your goals are for them.

• Motivating learners to succeed and accomplish goals.

• Work together as a team.