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My first language unit is ready.  If you have downloaded my long range plans then this unit is for you.  This unit integrates character traits lessons, with teaching the reading comprehension strategies of and Making Predictions.  Along with teaching students how to write a personal recount.

My Language block is structured in 100 min blocks.  Students are given three independent work times including one of those times for independent reading.  Mini lessons and time for goal development are included in daily in this schedule.  Guided reading or teacher conferencing based on student needs occurs during these independent times.

A diagnostic assessment for both the reading and writing tasks is included as an indication as to students level of understanding and skill in these areas.

Pieces of Me is a great lesson that students record possible writing prompts that are personal for them and that fall under four categories.  Students fill the puzzle pieces with ideas and examples of things or ideas that are important to them.  Students can go back to this work throughout the year for inspirations for creative writing tasks.

Teaching students how to recognize an Author’s Purpose is an important task to do at the beginning of the year and to continue to build on throughout the rest of the year.  This poster is included so that students can reference this throughout the year and also have a copy in their Reader’s Notebook.

This is my weekly schedule sheet that I use with students.  On the left are the weekly tasks for students to check off when completed and on the right is their schedule for what they would like to complete each day during their independent time.

I feel that it is important for students to have a scaffolded structure to use when they are first learning how to write a specific form of writing.  For some students they will continue to need this to organize their work.  For others they can continue on and write out a recount in a notebook.  This organizer helped my students produce great recounts that they could be proud of.

In reading it is also important to use organizers at the beginning of the unit to help students focus and collect thier thoughts when reading.  This organizer helps students understand the relationship between text clues, questions and predictions.

A recount full of facts is boring to the reader so I encourage my students to expand their writing by including thoughts, feelings, ideas and sensory ideas.  The goal is to write so that the reader can picture what the event was like and connect to the experience.  This brings it further then a simple factual retell to an interesting recount of events.

At the end of the unit carefully assess the students work using a rubric that target specific skills such as  knowledge, thinking, communication, and application.  Both the rubrics for reading and writing are included in this package.

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Happy Teaching!!!

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