This can be a stressful time for a classroom teacher.  The office calls and tells you that you are getting a new student.  Add to this that the new student is new to the country and doesn’t speak the language.  What do you do first? How do you help?

What to Do for a New ELL Student

The first step is easy… welcome them to your class with a smile. A smile is almost universal and helps to ease the anxiety that the newcomer may feel.  Second step they need to be able to survive.  Here are some cards that you can print and cut out for your new student.  Once they are all cut out you can make a flip book or put them on a binder ring.  The student can use this to communicate their needs to you in the first few weeks while they learn the words themselves.

What do you do for a new ELL student? Click through for a free flip book you can prepare and use for any new ELL student you welcome to your class.
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