Come take a peek into my classroom.

This is where I spend my day.  This is a split grade classroom for anywhere from 20-30 students.  

I use tables instead of desks.  I LOVE TABLES!!  This helps to eliminate the mess that is created with the students when they have desks.

I just design systems and routines for storage and handing out of belongings for students to keep organized.

  1. book boxes hold all of our books for literacy
  2. I have a shelf with baskets for each subject by grade.  I use duo tangs for this so this is easy to toss into a bin.
  3. I give each of my students a number so that it is easy to put work in order and then see if someone is missing their belongings.
  4. I have also used bins for each group that I use hanging folders to store their books by subject this did get a little messy with a very large class.  Worked much better with a smaller group
  5. Using group leaders to gather and distribute books was much easier than having one or all of the student get their work this also ensured that all the work was put back since one person collected from each member of their table group.

Table organization is also a helpful way to stay organized.  First I label all of my groups one year I use hanging poof balls until the fire marshal said no way so I had to take them down.  Last year I used these flower balls that I attached the basket too.  All from the dollar store.  This just helped to decorate the room in a special way.  I like spending the time to do this it adds something a little extra.


I made a mistake when I first moved into this room that I picked multiple colours for the different boards that I had in this room.  I was able to paint them but I painted them all different colours.

I finally took a note from our k teachers that painted the room in common colours throughout.  I picked out borders that I liked.  I picked two border styles a main and an accent.  I layer these on the board.  I then picked a darker colour and painted all of my bulletin boards one colour.  I used house wall paint.  I have used tempra paint before and would not recommend it as home wall paint is much nicer looking on the bulletin board.

These colours are carried through in all of my classroom decor items from my labels to chair pillows (which have removable covers over plastic shields)  The fabric, furniture, and other decor items were all purchased from second-hand stores or the dollar store.  Yep even those wood chairs were $12 each second-hand hand store.


Organization and Systems

I use a weekly schedule at a glance for mt students.  I am totally not a morning person so to remember to switch the schedule each day is just not something I have in my routine (even after 10 years) So I post the whole week at a glance.  I also post our weekly agenda for students to refer to throughout the week.

In front of my desk (that is surprisingly clean in this photo) is my information station.  Here you will see a hand in bin for assignments, group bins below for learning materials, and a folder organization tool for forms to be handed in and sorted.

Finally, my last board is the community board.  Here I post our classroom jobs, our classroom rules and our community goals and motivators.  I use a system called my KUDOS KLUB.  Here students work together to earn KUDOS for the whole class.  I do not like reward systems that value the individuals competing against one another.  And don’t worry my very loveable evil villain Count Snaggit is back again to motivate my class to stay on track.  More about this program will be coming this summer as I release it into my TPT store ready for others to use.