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Don't know what grade you are teaching next? That is okay. We know that many teachers are in this situation. This is why we structured your license this way. When you know your grade level you can come back and assign your grade when you are ready.*

* Delaying your grade assignment does not extend your refund period.  Refunds may be requested up to 30 days after purchase.  

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We get it, you might not be ready to commit to one grade level yet. 

Don’t worry we are here waiting for you when you are. 

Remember there is no Ignited Math program materials available to you until you assign your grade to your license. 

But in the meantime we have added you to our:

  • Getting Started with Ignited Math training module
  • Early access to some quick start activities that will get your class started before you decide.  

You will get an email shortly with your Seperate Login Details for our program library.  

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We created an easy instruction booklet that will give you everything you need when you are ready to pick your grade level.  

Download it now and save it for later. 

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