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Planning a split can be tough. Make it a little bit easier with these detailed long range plans for split classes from grade 3-6. Get your time back and start with a solid plan. 


Stop feeling overwhelmed trying to fit your language arts together. Move forward with a solid plan for mastering language arts that is easy and engaging for both you are your students. 


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6 Routines You Need For Inquiry

As we think ahead to back to school we begin to plan out the rules, routines that are essential to set us all up for success. But what routines are essential to teach at the beginning of the year that will set you up for success if you plan to use inquiry in your...

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Flexible Seating

Have you heard if it? Well unless you have been under a rock how could you not see this as a wave that is slowly taking over Pinterest. Everywhere teachers are proclaiming they are using flexible seating. But without repurchasing brand new furniture for your classroom...

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Planning your Time Table

Well that is another year in the books. As I close the door on my 11th year teaching I look forward First to enjoying my summer Second to planning for next year! So recently I was asked what do I do to get ready for next year. I thought that this was a great question...

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How to Track Student Assessment

There are so many ways to track student learning. But the goal here is that you have to do it. That is true my the hardest part. To get it out of my head and on to paper (even digital paper) where I can manipulate the data and make it make sense to me. If we are using...

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Technology Hardware In Your Classroom and How To Use It

I love tech...I am not sure that I can remember a period of time in my life where technology didn't exist despite the fact that I am not really a millennial. This was the benefit of growing up with a dad who ran a small computer company. I still remember the day he go...

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I am the teacher-author behind Madly Learning. I have been teaching for 10 years and for the last 6 I have taught combined classes and have loved it.

I hold Specialist Qualifications in Reading and English as a Second Language. I share lots here on the blog about my experiences in my classroom both the ups, downs and everything in between.

As a teacher I embrace the importance of differentiated instruction and student-centered inquiry especially for split grade classrooms.

I also currently host a weekly live video on Facebook that supports teachers with using inquiry in their classroom. You can find me everywhere else on social media as @madlylearning.

Let me help you reduce some of the overwhelm that comes with teaching as I help you to make it all fit together!


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