Communicating with ELL parents is so important but can also be difficult.  There are always many papers that go home in English that can not be easily understood by parents.  It is important that we make these forms accessible for parents.  One great way to make these forms accessible is by attaching a translated card to the form to let parents know what type of form is being sent home.  In 8 languages each card has a picture to help parents quickly see what type of form is being sent home.  These can also be attached in student agendas or printed on labels and stuck to the various documents that are sent home.  I have used form letters before that are translated but these are often difficult to store as they take up a lot of room.  I have also used strips but these are often too small and not very convenient to use as you need to print out the whole document for one language.

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How to use….

  1. Print and cut out the cards of your students first language.
  2. Staple the card to the document being sent home
  3. Send home to student.

Each label has the translated saying, a picture and the English translation on each card.  There are 10 different messages to parents including.


  • This is important, please find someone to help you translate it.
  • Please join us for a special event at the school.
  • Good News
  • I would like to meet with you….please contact me at….
  • Please complete this document
  • Assessment Report
  • Report Card
  • Please contact me if you have any questions
  • Please return this to the school
  • Please sign

English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Bengali, Urdu, Chinese Simplified, Vietnamese

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