Feedback on an important part in the cycle of assessment.

It is probably one of the things that teachers can do to push the needle forward for student achievement.

So what is feedback?

For me feedback is two things.

  1. It is information that tells students where they are and how they did
  2. It gives students a next step and a place to go next.

So how do you give feedback to students in a way that is meaningful.

Whole Group Feedback

Tell the whole group what you noticed

Use that as justification for you r lesson

Look for common errors and plan for this.

Moderate student samples and share the kinds of feedback you would give

Relate feedback to learning goals and success criteria

As for student feedback.

Small Group Feedback

I’m guided reading if you have grouped student in a certain way and you want them to work on something specific the. Tell them.

Let them know before you teach what your goal is then at the end give them the feedback on if they have demonstrated this.

Track this on group feedback pages.

Written Feedback

Probably the least effective feedback especially if it has a mark. It is hard to really impress upon students what they need to really work on without the conversation

Written feedback is good for tracking and evidence.

I like to use written feedback as a way to record the conversations of conferences with students and as a way to share this feedback with parents.

Parents love written feedback and it is the easiest way for them to tell how their child did


This is the hardest to accomplish but also the most meaningful for student achievement.

Providing students with feedback 1:1 gives them specific and targeting feedback on what they as individuals need to do.