Do you have a teacher BFF?

I know you have heard about them. These are the people that just get you. They share a similar philosophy in Education they teach with you, plan with you, have your back.

But would I be your teacher BFF?

The teacher community on social media is huge. Many times we are looking for belonging. We seek out other teachers that think like us or teach like us or share the same philosophy on education as us. We are looking for a community of teachers.

As a teacher author, blogger, podcaster, and live show host you may be wondering “Who is she? Is this who I want to spend my time following”

So tonight I wanted to take the time to properly introduce myself, share with you who I am, why I’m here, and Why I do what I do”

I also hope that you reach out and say hi, introduce yourself and share a little about you too. I know you are out there so please say hi, tell me about your journey and let’s be a part of this community together.

In the beginning…

I know I’ve told this story before but where did this blog come from and why did I start it?

7 years ago I was home on my couch nursing an infant reading teacher blogs. I was taking some additional qualifications courses and general trying to avoid my brain going to mush.

I think it was during research for one of the assignments that I really started reading other teaching blogs. I noticed very few voices that represented me or my world view of teaching.

So while sitting on the couch I started a blog. I couldn’t think of a name but through many attempts I finally settled on Madly Learning a variation of my oldest daughters first name.

After blogging for awhile and finding a small community of other Canadian bloggers I started a TPT store too. It seemed like a great way to share the resources I was blogging about.

Are we on the same page…

Fast forward a bit and as curriculum began changing I stated to design resources that met the needs of time strapped teachers. Lessons for split grade teachers that helped them to fit it all together.

Now my resources are not for everyone.

There are plenty of people that should not buy my stuff we can be friends but your BFF is someone else.

My resources are modelled after my own philosophy of teaching. They share with you strategies that I use in my own classroom. Tested refined and experienced classroom strategies.

As a teacher I believe in a few things and these guide all of the things I share and support with my community.

  • Inquiry should lead
  • Students need autonomy through voice and choice
  • They also need routine practice
  • Conferencing, feedback, goals help to push learning forward.
  • Most students can work independently with the proper supports
  • Technology is essential in today’s classrooms
  • The role of the teacher is to guide
  • Failure is a part of learning
  • Every classroom is a split grade so differentiating is key.

I recently had a colleague share her apology with me because she wasn’t using my stuff in her classroom. She told me that she just wasn’t in a place to tackle inquiry. Nor did she think her students and her could handle it.

She just wasn’t ready. She needed worksheets. A read this do that fill in the blank worksheet.

What does teaching look like?

If you walked in my room what would you see?



But we tackle learning everywhere. And it looks different for everyone.

In language

I use mini lessons…inquiry…picture books…student choice…

We have